14 Jun 2015

What I call cover cloth

Yes, I took the name from Karen Ruane -

her cover cloth is wonderful, mostly white.

Mine is exploding of colour.

I am embroidering whatever comes to my mind.

This feather is taken from Jude Hill.

I sent her two - 4 years ago. She got feathers

from all over the world and she is joining them into a quilt
she calls Home (This is the main page)
But look at her side bar for "Home" and you will see the
newest development.
I have a try in needle lace - here
a little triangle - not very well. I know my mistake.
I forgot to span threads from right to left and start
again at the left side. It would be more even.
I am practising.

Spots in colour scattered over the cloth.

That's it. DH thinks it is a table cloth.

I am repeating on and on "it's a cover cloth.

Nobody will ever see it on a table - it is far too jazzy!

...and it changes whenever I take it into my hands.







  1. i do love the plaid background. i think i mentioned that before. and that is some gorgeous feather.

  2. this is so colourful, needle lace is so difficult well done for having a go,I tried it years ago but gave up on it!

  3. I like the idea of colour too. The check is a good backdrop for the colour to choose. Being blue, like the sky it goes with all the colours in nature so you have free rein with what you choose to use.
    By the way....I am sewing. Will write.

  4. Loving your beautiful vibrant colours, Anneliese. It is a lovely cloth. What exactly are you covering with it?? Definitely not the table for everyone to slop on LOL.