19 Jun 2015

A new feather, some beads and a funny truck

I made another feather - and

I am still trying needle lace on this cloth -


This guy is enjoying a rose-scented place.


After a rather long period of creating nothing

I finally made these beads of fabric - for a future necklace.

all made of one and the same fabric

I am not very fond of the cylindrical beads - I like

more the ones which are diminishing on both ends

and will probably use only those.

And here a surprise photo:

Our town Karlsruhe is celebrating its 300-year birthday

and preparing great events which will run till October this year.

So it is no wonder that this truck is driving backwards up the house -

in one of the streets which are not affected ---

because at the same time Karlsruhe center is one large

construction site - we get an underground tram-way.

Going to town by car is practically not possible.




  1. gorgeous feathers and needlework. that bug sure did find a sweet spot. i haven't made beads in a long time. would love to do that again when i can find the time. have a good weekend.

  2. nice feathers and very impressed with your needlelace, it is so neat. Like you i prefer the beads with the ends to them. Was it a stunt with the van , could not work out how it stayed there

  3. Nice to see you still experimenting, Anneliese. Good texture in the feathers and the lace work.

  4. I like your feathers :-)
    I made paper beads in the past and used them as embellishments, but have never tried fabrics ones .
    Have a good weekend,