23 Jun 2015


My walk into the garden treated me with this

and this

and this ------

and on the other hand

we made made a small shopiing tour to finally have our coffee at

our MacDonald's and hardly could park the car on the parking lot

of our Lidl because of this

It is cow dung - farmers blocked the entrances - can you imagine

how smell-drenched the environment is - penetrating into the shops

Farmers get to little support - they want to express with this action.

But they are overproducing - milk apples - but I don't meddle in





  1. Beautiful garden photos. Perhaps the town residents could clean up the Farmers' protest movement by taking a load of organic fertilizer home to their own gardens? LOL we usually have to pay for such rich soil amendments in bags.

  2. oh that strawberry looks sweet. do you get many? such pretty flowers. ....and another good reason to stay away from McDonalds.

  3. youu garden looks good a helping of the manure would be good too. I feel for the farmers, here they are getting a rough deal from the large supermarket chains, it means cheaper veg and milk for us but at what cost to the farmer.

  4. Haha yes, it is a wonder people are not coming by and filling up their wheelbarrows with the cow pats. We pay $2 a bag for it here. It must have been a truly awful smell. Enough to to turn you off your burger LOL