28 Jun 2015

Friendship bracelets

I had to try this technique of knotting friendship bracelets.

When it was modern I missed it, I did not know about it.

Probably I was preoccupied with household, children, job,

sports and social life.

It is a bit like weaving - certainly much slower.

Now - I did not make these - except the fourth from the left.

You can recognize it at the bottom of this photo.

I laid my bracelet on top of the title of a book from which I

took the instructions.

We are in the Vosges, a mountain range in the east of France,
800 m high. Weather is fine and summery.
This is an entry to our property.

Picture taken against the sun. A serious cut will be

needed. But DH had an accident with his thumb which

will keep him from such work for a while.

We still can enter, though.
A corner of the farmhouse

I can't show you any creative work - I am sure you don't want to see

heaps of pulled-out weeds, spider webs in my broom, mousetraps without

mice but eaten bacon -

It is my life inside and outside the farmhouse. I enjoy it!






  1. Love that you will trim the space to let more light through the hedges. The bracelet is so well done - good project for you to make when you are away from all your tools. Your roses are beautiful! The farmhouse must be a wonderful retreat.

  2. oh i do remember those bracelets. i have made a few but long, long ago.i still love how they look. always so colorful. hope your husband heals quickly.

  3. So schöne Armbänder. Ich habe einige davon gemacht, als ich noch in der Schule war. Habe sie lange getragen.

  4. friendship bracelets look good. An idyllic spot to enjoy some nice weather, sorry to read DH has an injury, hope it heals soon. You have been busy with the weeds, why oh why do they grow so much quicker than the flowers I wonder. Here it is the daisies that are growing so quickly on the grass

  5. I remember making those friendship bracelets,, when I was in high school (quite a long time ago) Get well soon to your DH; Love those roses !!

  6. Just relax and enjoy the summer ! :-)