2 May 2015

The frame - crochet roses and basket

I am sure you are interested what became of the hole in the wall

This. --- The frame is made of carved stone.

Now it is time for the window. DH's employment.

It is a north window and the pouring rain

did not come in. It was raining the damn whole day.....

I made roses - to colour my day

After the crocheting is finished it is looking like this.

A spiral made of single, half and double crochet

stitches. Ii is then gathered into a rose.

Published in a German journal, Landlust April/11.


I bought 100 m of clothes line and am starting to use it up.

Probably I used about 15 m. I like the pattern.
I used this fabric and cut it lengthwise in strips but also
tried to cut crosswise which I did not like. No special effect.
So I interchanged the blue and white sides
always with the dark blue stripes in the middle..

Hopefully the sky will be as blue as the basket again.

I wish you a lovely Sunday.



  1. I see the renovations are still going on. Lovely job on the little window. We have had lots of rain too with localised flooding. A bit late in the season but welcomed. You created some good effects in your blue basket. Hope you are getting your blue skies to match.

  2. Beautiful basket! The window will add a new look to the house and more views for you to enjoy.

  3. The hole in the wall turned into a very nice looking window. I'm glad you didn't get any rain coming in. Your roses are so pretty - and so is the basket. Would you give us the pattern for the roses? Is that a branch I see covered with fabric?

  4. such a beautiful looking window frame. i love looking at unusual doors and windows. and i know those roses cheered you up. i haven't made any baskets in a long while. i still have lots of clothes line left over. i love seeing how the different fabrics show up when cut and used around the cord....always a nice surprise.

  5. this morning we have your rain! Good to see the renovations coming along well and you have also been busy, love the roses and the bowls are very nice too, a good way to use washing lines wrapping them in fabric

  6. Hello Basket Lady!
    You are very good at that now, I don't think I would have the patience :-(
    I like your little roses too,

  7. Ah, the window opening looks wonderful with the carved stone frame. Cute roses, too. And I love your blue and white basket! Fabulous fabric to use for it.

  8. The carved stone surround for the window is perfect. You will be glad to see it finished. I do love the colours on your basket. Isnt the effect amazing from the striped fabric. I like the crochet flower. I would like to see the pattern instructions too Anneliese.

    Hopefully the rain here will ease off and the sun will be shining so the sky will match your basket there.

  9. cute rose and the basket looks fabulous.. I've never used a clothes line to make baskets..your basket looks more sturdy,will have to try your method sometime soon.