29 Apr 2015

It's Sunday

Flea market on the grassland.
I am in the foreground - looking at things -
always looking for threads and admiring gorgeous
linnen sheets - I don't buy them anymore - my stashes
are too high already.
Next photo: Men's party with beer and wine under the tent -
we had coffee - it was only 10 in the morning



village church

lots of cars because of the flea market

Villages look like this in our region - Haute-Saône in eastern France.

Narrow and tall houses to live in and very large barns where formerly

animals were kept and hay and straw to feed them.

Nowadays, the cow sheds are large buildings for 300 animals or more.

Next photo shows our front garden in its naturalness.

And then on Monday the craftsmen arrived ....
made much noise and dust
and this hole for a window in our future bathroom
and I baked those muffins - lemon-joghurt with butter-almond
topping - to feed them at coffee-time.
Work will go on tomorrow - on Tuesday.




  1. Funny, it's Wednesday in Japan...!
    You had a lot of interesting things on this blog post, the morning beer party, the delicious looking muffins for the workers, the hole in the wall, the flowering garden, the interesting houses in the villages.

  2. Fabulous photos of the country villages. I love that wall that you are breaking through. Wouldn't it be cool to have a window that wasn't just a square in the wall. LOL, too expensive, I'm sure. Please pass me a muffin; they look too wonderful.

  3. Anneliese, I want to come and play in your garden and DH says he'd gladly punch a hole in your wall for you if you let him have one of those muffins:-)

  4. flea market looks interesting and those muffins I can almost taste them
    . It will be good to have a window in the bathroom for avoiding condensation. Good to see the houses and your garden certainly is full of flowers.

  5. I like your front garden, proper country one.
    Muffins look good :-)

  6. love seeing the land where you live. lovely garden area. hard work indeed....they probably deserve those muffins.

  7. A nice way to spend a sunday out in the sunshine with friendly people. The muffins look and sound delicious. Are they for the men working on the bathroom.

  8. Nice of you to bake muffins for the workers, Anneliese. I bet they enjoyed them--they look delicious. Nice garden.