10 May 2015

Two days of rain

and the meadow look like this

two more days and it is gone again. And turning around I saw this...

I love the colours of this bush

This is our Spiraea and the rusted fence

So many flowers

Compliment for good piano performance of grandson no. 2

A very little quilt - a bit bigger than a postcard.



  1. Lovely photos and a very nice mini quilt.

  2. what a flood you had, good to see spring has sprung and a very cute mini quilt

  3. Marvellous what some rain can do. I love the yellow and red flowers, very pretty.

  4. Beautiful display of rain and flowers, and the mini quilt is so charming!

  5. I always love rain, but not when it does damage with flooding. Your flowering bushes are lovely. I like the little compliment quilt the colours are lovely and bright.