15 Apr 2015

Blossoms and more

It is all blossom against the evening sky - the future crop of

mirabelles - the little round yellow plums, first a little sour and

if we leave them hanging long enough - very sweet and juicy.

It is the view out of our room where the piano is standing.

It is a pity that the fantastic light can't be seen in this photo.
A collage of the finished "market basket" with handles -
I used exclusively batiks which make the bag somehow stiff.
And here again the cover cloth --- the cat is more friendly now
I cut his moustache - and operated a light smile into his face.
The advantage of such a cloth - it can be changed according to
the creator's mood.

If you are maybe following Jude Hill's blog you will recognize

her "beans". It was an "aha-moment" for me - (thank you Jude, for

this idea). I am slowly filling in spaces with left-over bits of thread...

.... in a colour matching the ajoining squares.



I found a little embroidery in one of my boxes and thought it

would just fit in. I stitched buttonholes around it and laced it

with the same red cotton a broder. I added two buttonhole lace points

in white. Sorry the tips were cut off by my photographer, ha!


I need a little give-away next week when our grammar school class

will meet for lunch in my home-town Stuttgart. So I used again

(how many times already) the tutorial of noodlehead to create

this pouch. It is my favorite tutorial.

I will fill in chocolates!









  1. Your work is always jam packed with inspiration, and your friends will love the chocolate packed pouches!

  2. Pretty basket..I like the braided handles :-)

  3. Love the the basket and also the other creative work !

  4. wow, you've been busy! Love the basket and the embroidery. Mr cat looks like he's been into the catnip......lol

  5. your basket might be stiff but it is so lovely and unusual. i will check out the pouch tutorial. i'm always making pouches....nice to have a variety of ways.

  6. Love the little pink embroidery Anneliese. You have been very busy with your sewing. Love the photo of the blossoms...I am sure the plums will be delicious.