6 Apr 2015

Blue sky scrap basket

It was only scraps which I used - I chose the blue ones and green ones

and a few coloured ones which I liked.

My scraps are really very small - I cut them 3 cm large and some of them

were not longer than 10 cm.

And see the result - I am so satisfied with it. It looks happy -

like it was reflecting a blue sky which we didn't see for some time.

A new scrap basket

The photo below shows the clothesline on which I wrapped the bits of

fabric. I would not use this to hang my laundry on, however.

It is good for fixing furniture on trailers for a long transport -

it is strong enough. Nevertheless, the machine needle manages

to sew through it.


This is how I finished the basket - a spiral - with hand stitches.

A view in our village in France - this creek passes near our garden.

Here with neighbours' meadows.

A branch of the river Ognon

I wish you all a creative week !




  1. What a pretty basket. It's amazing what one can do with just scraps. Blue is my favourite colour. Your coil finish makes it extra special.

  2. it's a very lovely basket Anneliese and your French home looks idyllic...

  3. I really like your basket :-)
    I hope you are having the same glorious weather as here; since Sunday we could believe that spring has arrived at last!

  4. This is really pretty Anneliese. I have never tried this but hope to some day.

  5. wonderful use of scraps. I, too, like the blue & the effect of the subtle changes in colour is stunning.

  6. A lovely blue basket, Anneliese! I like the spiral finish.
    It looks as though you're having some nice spring weather.