18 Apr 2015

T-shirts morph ...

...into a bath-mat ... hopefully

I am using a 10 mm crochet hook and making half double crochet stitches

10 mm Häkelnadel und halbe Stäbchen.

The inner green circle is indeed a T-shirt -

However --- I admit
the next photo is showing an uncut fabric not a T-shirt -
it is a piece of fabric which I bought at least 20 years ago
and cutting this is very fast - but I had to join the strips
which were about 60 cm long.
I am increasing when it seams to be necessary - the circle must be
nicely round and flat
see my ball of cut and wrapped jersey fabric strips
And this is how I joined the strips in the beginning.

Then I became clever and joined the leftover piece of fabric

with zig-zag stitches and cut it into strips afterwards.

Which is a much faster method

At present I ran out of strips and have to search for more old tees -

on DH's side of the wardrobe !!!








  1. great use of old tees and even any old fabric. i've done it with plain cotton as well. it will be a beautiful bathmat.....one you couldn't buy in the shops.

  2. Both ways of joining the strips of fabric are great. The latter would make thinner joints, though.
    I hope your husband won't miss his T-shirts!

  3. This looks like very hard work, but it brings me to an idea.

  4. Recycling, re-using, and reducing all in one. Great idea.

  5. What a good idea Anneliese, these would make good bath mats....and what a good way to use up old t shirts.

  6. Recycling is always great ..used to do this a lot but now my mother's making mats on a peg loom which is more easier than crocheting /knitting :-)