26 Nov 2014

Two cats

She is coming every day - but she ignores me ...
even runs away when I open the door. 

This day we found half a mouse lying on our backdoor
The tail and more...

She is so furry - winter can come

My cat - surrounded by autumn leaves -it is the start
for a cat

She is smirking - I am inspired by Jude Hill
also for the background. It is a nine-patch made of one piece
of fabric. I am a passenger in her Small Journeys.

still a few colourful leaves - behind the village sign

Himself is waiting for me to finish my taking pictures.


  1. Your cat is much more cuter than the real one.

  2. i agree with Doris. love your stitchery.

  3. Your cat would not run away or leave gifts of half eaten mice on the doorstep.

  4. what a beautiful cat you have visiting, bring you a mouse not so sure you want one of those! Like how you are recreating her/him in stitch. Must be quite warm as himself is in shirt sleeves too cold for that here

  5. Himself with no coat? Looks like you two are enjoying mild temperatures. Love your little stitched cat and the real one looks so warm in its fur coat.


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