26 Nov 2014

Slippers -

It is looking enormous - it is the large pattern - and it is meant for
guests to slip into with their -hopefully clean- shoes. No they have
to take them off !! It would be cruel.
But I am somehow worried about the enourmous size - although
the imprint on the wool says it will shrink when washed in the 
machine with 60° - it will shrink about 30 to 40%. 

Here I am starting the front part. The pattern for the sole is
extra thick.

Maybe I have to "cook" them to achieve a normal size.
I see already experts clapping their hand above their heads....


  1. :-) So you are prepared for a giant or a dwarf :-)

  2. ha....yes....if it is wool it will shrink a lot. they look so warm and cozy.

  3. The pink and green slippers in the picture appear to have been 'cooked' = felted or also known as boiled wool. Have fun greeting your guests, whatever size they are!

  4. they should be warm and cosy, i think maybe they will felt in the wash? if they are made with 100% not washable wool that is but if the wool is washable felting will not happen, we will wait and see what happens

  5. They look so cosy anneliese. What a good idea to give to guests to put over their shoes instead of taking them off. Does that mean no dirty floors


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