17 Nov 2014

More leaves

Experimenting goes on.
I coloured the white thread in the oak leaf
Thank you, Deanna, for encouraging me.
This is her blog

Tulpenbaum - tulip tree leaf - I inserted a tiny needle lace circle:

Close-up of the above leaf:
Finally I think that the leaves are drying not in a nice way. Too uneven.
If I do it next time I will follow Deannas method: Soaking them in glycerine
for severyl days.

I like really this one. A small cherry-tree leaf with embroidery in cotton
a broder.

And finally leaves still on the bush -what a colour!

My herbs and other plants - I love those subdued colours. 

Wishing you a creative week!


  1. How creative. I really like them. They don't seem very lasting though. I have visions of crumbling dry leaves.

  2. Your work is so pretty & inspiring. Would you consider telling us how you preserve the leaves to get them ready for embroider? Thank you very much.

  3. Again gorgeous leaves! You inspired me to pick a few nice leaves in my garden, I put them in an old book to dry before I'm going to use them.

  4. oh you're doing a beautiful job with the leaves. i love them all.

  5. I am very impressed with your cleverness anneliese

  6. you have been so creative with these leaves, I found a box when having a tidy up full of leaves but oh dear such a smell! The ones I had pressed are okay but had to throw some out.Some must have been there over 10 years!

  7. Fantastic leaves. The embroidery must have been a challenge!


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