14 Oct 2014

Mini birds quilt - Mondvögel

It looks like the rising moon - oh,a name came to my mind:

"Moonbirds" - that's it - Mondvögel.

The running-stitch-birds got company -

with bread-crumbs - French knots - around

and the whole little quilt looking like this:


It is nearly square but not on this photo.

It is made by reverse appliqué.

You know probably how this works:

Two fabrics right sides together, sew a circle or any shape, cut it out and

turn it around. Right sides are now on top.

This made a round frame -

... and place your stitching or whatever you want underneath.

See you soon!









  1. I am impressed Anneliese a lovely mini quilt and some lovely quilting on it great piece the hand and machine work work well together

  2. This is a beautiful quilt anneliese. Your colours are wonderful, very much my own favourites to. I love the birds. You are so creative my dear friend.

  3. This is gorgeous, Anneliese. Great colour choices!

  4. wow, Anneliese, this is so so beautiful. Love the colors and how they create a lovely harmony.

  5. Moonbirds - perfect. Very much admiring your free motion quilting stitching, Anneliese, and also your reverse applique which is very neat. A lovely little quilt.

  6. A wonderful piece of art! I just love it! Please train the bird to fly to my home in Japan!

  7. love how you did that border. a beautiful art piece.

  8. Whatever it is, it is beautiful :-)


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