13 Oct 2014

Triple Chain - Tast 133 --- and three birds

Der neue Tast Stich heisst .....?

vielleicht Dreifach-Kettstich. Vielleicht weiss jemand einen

offiziellen Namen dafür.

Drei Reihen in Perlgarn 8 - darunter ein Kreis mit

Knötchenstichen. Tast steht für Take a stitch Tuesday

The new Tast stitch is triple chain stitch.

First I made three rows - no better ideas -

at least I changed the colours

And to do something else I made a wheel, a circle.


Three birds -

Birds for Gisela


These are Spool birds and the designer is Michael Fulkerson. (this is his etsy shop page with many birds - most of them sold). He designed it for "Spool Sewing" - I found the pattern on their website. I do not know if they still offer it.

Michael Fulkerson is astonished how his birds spread over the world - I do him credit here - they have been copied so many times - I made about 10 - and these three will fly away ....





  1. good use of the triple chain here Anneliese, I do like ti worked in a circle, another one to try on my crazy blocks. Love the birds and have tracked down the pattern, think I will have to have a go at these.

  2. You have done a good job with the triple chain Anneliese. I enjoyed this stitch in the 2010 Tast.

  3. The triple chain looks great in the circle. Your birds are wonderful and cute how they can sit on their own.


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