4 Sep 2014

Up and down and interlaced

Interlaced up and down buttonhole. Yes, these are the new stitches on my band.

Sharon published this new stitch with the number 128 click

One row of up-and-down buttonhole stitches, the other upside-down -
back to back and interlaced. In the second row I added some beads

This dotee doll changed a little and will live soon in another home -

it was looking more like an animal - so it underwent a face surgery


and it needed more embellsihment
The backside is funny really, looks like a kind of backpack.
There is always a surprise in a patterned fabric.


Remember this?
Well, this became a motive on the cover of our guestbook in France.

It is the gate to our renovation house there.

a few sketches - and then.....

I was looking half an hour for a previously - at least 10 years ago rusted fabric -

because the gate is 150 years old and badly rusted. I worked with "Wonder Under

I know there is another name but I don't remember it.


Funny skulpture - while cutting out

First layout - with a few leaves added.

Ironed down and outlined with black thread - which I like

The light is slowly changing.

I had to use a lamp

I will show the cover later - it is not sewn yet.






  1. you have shared a few treats with us today Anneliese, your tast stitches look so neat, very nice, good to see you you designed the cover from your gate for your guest book great job done there and the dotee doll is so very cute,

  2. Oh, I like the back of that doll!
    Your guestbook will have a very smart cover and there is a story to go with it.
    I will have to start playing with the Laced UaDB stitch soon. Yours are so neat and tidy.

  3. I like your cover idea--turned out great! Cute doll and nice TAST stitches.


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