26 Aug 2014

Up and down buttonhole stitch

This is the new stitch of Sharon from Australia -
I get it through her newsletter on Tuesdays. And
it is fun and a little challenge. Stitches 126 and 127.

My band smapler is growing....

and also the family during the last week

Anyway they are grilling sausages - outside:
on the scout's fireplace


Is it really done?
Starting the walk

Soaked after the walk ---










  1. Latest stitching looks good bu tI am surprised that you fond time to do your tast this week with all the family there, did I count 14 places set at the table, lots of sausages needed for everyone and trust you had help with the dishes afterwards. How lovely to have all the family gathered around for a holiday.

  2. It is always nice to have family around :-)
    Your sampler has some really nice stitches.

  3. oh wow...I love the view in these images...

  4. looks like it was a fun family gathering.

  5. Your sample band is growing beautifully. Yes, how did you fit it in.? Being with family is lovely and I also loved the views


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