4 Sep 2014

Gästebuch - guestbook - livre d'or

Now it is clear - guests will write into this book

I took the idea for the letters from the newest Quilting Arts Magazine

which I for the first time ordered online and have it now on my iPad.

The letters measure 2 cm from the line to the top and are embellished

with a few very tiny cross stitches.

The actual book is in France while the cover is still in Germany.

It is made of old linen.

Friends need not write long literary essays into the book - just names and date.

So don't be afraid if you visit us.......



  1. How I would love to write my name in that book! It's beautiful and what a lovely idea.

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  3. It would certainly be lovely to visit you in your home and sign the guest book

  4. Oh good, I hate making long comments, LOL!


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