20 Sep 2014

Three new rows of Tast stitches

Take a Stitch Tuesday 129 and 130 Lock and double lock stitch

1. row: Quite normal - as Sharon described it - no. 129
a row of straight stitches - and then locked at the bottom
2. row: I joined the upper stitches in a different way - I
took the opposite "legs" to log them
3. row: tall and small straight stitches - only the upper
stitches were locked - but as the distance is to wide
I made a running stitch in between.
The effect is interesting - I like it.




  1. perfectly wonderful. you are building up an enormous inventory of stitches.

  2. When you stop and think about it, it is amazing what one can do with a piece of thread:-)

  3. Your examples of the stitch are interesting. I particularly like the bottom row. Did you work the alternating straight stitches at different heights. I also like the second bottom row, although you have done a great job with all of them. Your colours of thread are very nice as well.

  4. great jobe done here Anneliese, have now created a board on my pinterest of pintangle stitches so have added this and will be adding lots more in future so I can access them easily

  5. VERY nice! I especially like the third row.

  6. Great variations, Anneliese! I particularly like the bottom row.


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