22 Sep 2014

Lace - which I found

Look - look - something very beautiful!




Now tell me - isn't this fantastic? I found it at a village sale - really small village
They call it "vide Grenier" - which means "empty attic". This must have come
from an attic of a very talented or rich lady. It is entirely hand made.
The piece is square - about 40 cm.
I washed it very carefully and it is drying now.
When I bought it for about 2,50$ i.e. 2 € I had in mind to cut it apart and use it
for applique or something like this - for pillows and pages (Karen Ruane) or



  1. Ahhh yes it is indeed beautiful and wonderful and more! A great find.

  2. so so beautiful lol don't chop it up!

  3. it is lovely. looks like a combination of different kinds of lace. a lucky find.

  4. How absolutely exquisite, Anneliese! I would not be able to bear to cut it up! I would just stare at it and touch it reverently and keep it to remember some lady of days gone by who was a very talented needlewoman! A WONDERFUL find! Enjoy:-)

  5. Think of all the work and time used to put this piece of lace together! I wouldn't have the heart to take it apart. It is truly beautiful!

  6. certainly you had a great find with this Anneliese will be looking out for snippets of it in your various projects


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