14 Sep 2014

I wish I had a cat

She or he caught my eye on neighbours wall


A pulled thread sample has been transferred into a lavender
little bag - no good work. I left too little boarder







This is the backside with the "inlet" in turquoise
And joining the squares is going on - it will end up
in a vest not another cover


Enjoy Sunday!



  1. Love the cat. You do some amazing stuff.

  2. I am a cat lover but do not have one as it would mean having the burglar alarm altered as I have sensors in each room but enjoy Alfie Helen`s cat instead. The . Your knitting is coming along well

  3. Cats are charming and interesting, but can be frustrating to live with!
    You have put a lot of work into that pulled thread work bag. Beautiful!

  4. i love cats! But my serious allergy to them means I have to enjoy other people's cats instead of having one of my own......... The lavender bag is so pretty.

  5. The drawn thread work is stunning, but cats are a mixed blessing. Mine brought a RAT in to the kitchen today. I screamed like a little girl and shut the door fast then hid under the duvet until my burly builder came home and saved me.


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