23 Sep 2014

Tea time - Teestunde

Our teapot - it is in my head all the time
I want to do pulled threads with this design
First sketch of the teapot and a cup
But I found that I have not the right fabric to pull threads together.
First sketch of the teapot and a cup
So I filled in simply some stitches.
First sketch of the teapot and a cup


and I changed my mind thought about needle lace.
This is the start. You have to do the outlines by couching
down a thicker thread.

... and then start to do the needle lace. I found

"Needlelace Talk" of Lorelei Halley with wonderful

tutorials and many answers to still more questions.

I am nearly ashamed to show this work following

the post before with the wonderful needlelace.

I made two posts not to have the direct comparison.









  1. I am in awe of your needle lace! It looks amazing.

  2. The needle lace one is so pretty!! I would love to learn someday.

  3. But your needlelace is fantastic! love the pattern, and am sure the tea is delicious.

  4. your sketching skills are very good and love what you are stitching here

  5. I've done a little bit of needle lace and made a few leaves. Your tea pot turned out beautifully!

  6. Lovely to see this progress from sketch to finished needlelace. Your work is excellent!


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