18 Aug 2014

I am a bit late.....

with my Tast stitches due to granny duties......

But here are my newest stitches: Closed herringbone no. 124

and beaded herringbone no. 125

Now I am not so sure whether I made them right - are they

"closed" enough ? - in the first row I skipped one hole.

Anyway I like them also like that.

In the second row of the "closed" ones I made long-legged and short-legged
The third row is my beaded herringbone. But again a "mistake" - if at
all I should call it a mistake (where is the police?) - the distance varies.
Well grandy is running about - no wonder - and DH as well, and the farmhouse
is so demanding.



  1. I like your samples. Don't you know there are no mistakes in embroidery, only variations!

  2. No police here! Jut enjoy what you are doing, the spacing is absolutely fine! Go back to the grandchildren and have fun!

  3. any 'mistake' is just a new invention. they look beautiful to me.

  4. more good examples Anneliese and no mistakes you have made your own variation to the stitch, they do not have to be all the same

  5. For a very busy granny you have done very well Anneliese. I dont take any notice of the stitch police either. Just do the lovely work you do all the time. I like the beads on this stitch too.

  6. It seems to look great no matter what way you do it, Anneliese. Lovely samples. You have been very busy by the sounds of it. Enjoy the Grandies and don't wear yourself out!

  7. granny duties? Lucky you....:)


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