2 Aug 2014


After the heat -

- a short bike ride in the evening at 8 - but the clouds are threatening

.... himself (lying on the bench) is watching them ....

how they are gathering and where to

over the cornfield

it is not the blue sky - but the clouds.
At home my new quilt is waiting - I hang it up against the window -
I like how the light shines through
My seams are straight - but it happened that I did not always iron them
into the same direction.
In the middle I had to extend a patch - it can also
be seen against the light but no more when the quilt is finished
and lying on Christianes guest bed in France not far
from our "house of renovation".
This old quilt below is already there and both will live in the same room.
The specification was: Same size (156 x 225 cm) and
roughly the same colour. Now the yellow patches in the new one
are looking rather strong but I can reassure you without the light
behind it is much paler.








  1. The cloudy sky is as beautiful as your quilts.

  2. lovely photos both of the scenery and your latest quilts. Anneliese I am seeing Queenie next weekend, shame you can`t hop on a plane and join us at the quilt show,

  3. the quilt you are making is beautiful.....we also have some heavy rain. I don't like the heat so I will take the rain with a smile!

  4. love putting quilts up to the light and getting that stained class effect. love both of the quilts and they do complement each other.

  5. I love your new quilt. It looks very good aside the old one.

  6. Your new quilt is very nice, Anneliese and should play well with the existing one. It almost looks like stained glass up against the light. Those clouds are a wonderful shade of blue - very unusual.


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