10 Jul 2014

Starting a new quilt

I counted and did maths and bought fabrics ...

... and sewed together the first strips (16 cm)

I cut them into squares and joined 9 pieces for a nine-patch
and it looks like this.
Then the miracle begins - making two cuts and joining the newly
created squares which results in this......


And then surprise: I need much more of the patterned

fabric than I thought. Well, this means the preliminary stop for

my new quilt - which is a commission - till I return to our basis camp

280 km further north in Germany.

The plain fabric will provide lovely space for machine quilting.



  1. I like the pattern of the disappearing nine-patch. I'm a hand quilter, so I never tried it.

  2. The beauty of a crazy quilt is that you don't ever need to do any maths, nor measure, nor run out of fabric, nor travel back home to get the left over fabric... Long live CQ!

  3. It is a fascinating pattern. Hope you can find more of the fabric. Actually, as soon as you mentioned maths I cringed. :)))

  4. can remember when I first saw the disappearing nine patch and it was one you had done, do so love this design, have now got the instructions for a disappearing pin wheel but not tried it yet

  5. Ein neuer Quilt. Der wird bestimmt schön. Das mit dem (Ver)Rechnen kenne ich nur allzu gut.


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