3 Jul 2014

Pencil cases and mishaps

Two more

for the boys L and Y


it can be opened wide

and the backside - it is the material - I didn't piece anything.


And my mishaps - I made nonsense with the zipper,

it could not be repaired. I had to unpick it and throw it away. Sew new!

Luckily I had another one. Next annoyance: The bobbin thread ran out.

After that I was so distracted that I attached the keyholders on the wrong side.

Again unripping.

All this while Himself cut bushes under my window and me being in sorrow for my rose -

and not groundlessly. Looks like a hurricane went by. The joy of a fast gardeners wife.






  1. Some days are like that!! Love the blue and white fabric. Did you print it yourself? We have to keep an eye on those over keen gardeners. My DH keeps trying to poison everything that he thinks looks like a weed. I have rescued the dahlias many times!!

  2. you have certainly persevered with the pencil case, good for you not to give up when it went wrong. Sorry to read your rose bush mine have been super this year lots of flowers on most but the flowers seem to not have lasted as long, probably due to lack of rain

  3. Your comments about your poor garden made me laugh I have had similar experiences.
    The boys will love their cases...it must be the age we are Anneliese mistakes like that happen to me all the time. They turned out beautifully in the end.

  4. Great pencil cases! Well done for sticking at it:-) as for the garden... At our house, it is DH's lawn and MY garden! Sometimes I have to invite him to cut a large branch- but ONLY by invitation! It leaves me with a lot of heavy work, but I prefer that to a mangled mess! I am in mourning for your rose:-(

  5. You have shown that you have plenty of patience with both the beautiful pencil cases and the busy gardener. Did you rescue the flowers? You know you could use them for dying fabric...

  6. The Grandies will love their pencil cases I am sure. Isnt it annoying when we keep doing those silly little things. But they worked out well in the end.


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