1 Jul 2014

End of holidays - new start at home

View of Split, Dalmatia (Croatia) from the ferry boat

remarkable - the extreme large cruiser, large like a small town.
And now back again ....

.... in Karlsruhe - park of the castle one of many flower vases ---

and at the sewing machine ....


I found this tutorial for the little key-bag - it is in German

The pencil case is not difficult to make



The little bag

I am preparing little presents for the grandies.

This is no. 1 for the 9 year old girl.









  1. lucky grandies. love the little cases.

  2. good to read you have arrived home safely and back to the stitching! lovely presents you are making there I am sure the grandchildren will be delighted.

  3. There is no place like home, or is there? Hope you are happy wherever you are. Great cases!

  4. Well done on the sewing. If I see a zip I usually avoid the project! Yours are very neat and the kids will love them I'm sure.

  5. lucky girls I am sure they will love and use their gifts. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound. It must be good to be back home again.


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