30 Jun 2014

Hungry for flies - still in Croatia

I was hanging up laundry one morning
and just above my line is this cable for electricity to our house.
Those swallows did not mind my moving with my arms and
Oh, they are young and don't know to fly very well - thinks me....
but at least they came somehow onto the cable

I had much patience and kept my iphone
focused on the birds -

there came the mother (or father?) so fast and away again.

More waiting for me and for the youngsters

and fluttering with wings to be the next to be fed

with beaks wide open

(You can enlarge the photo by clicking it)

so fast - that my clicking is always too late

but I captured some feeding.

The old ones came every one or two minutes.

breakfast is over - ready to fly off filled up with flies.


a turn of 180° and in the evening - it looked like that


And when sun is shining ----- my eukalyptus tree.

Ok, it is not just mine, there are three more family owners.

I am in love with those leaves, fine, soft, light green, smelling,


and the bush behind produces such little flowers smelling

like Jasmin, fantastic, heavenly - it might be Jasmin - a Croatian kind.

And after that ..... we travelled home two long days.














  1. Have you tried contact dyeing with the eucalyptus leaves?

  2. When i was a young girl I knew a poem called "The Swallows are Homing".

    These parent swallows are feeding their young well.
    I like your flowers and the scent of jasmine.

  3. you have some great photos here of the swallows, trust they did not fly over the laundry and leave unwanted presents on it. Very pretty bush, so you are home now, I expect you will be off to France soon

  4. birds on a wire are always musical to me. maybe you have seen that commercial where the birds become musical notes? and i would love to be near a eucalyptus tree to pick leaves for dyeing.

  5. You got some lovely photos of the swallows - which are my favourite birds I think.

  6. Birds are so hard to photograph they move so quickly, so I think you captured them well. So cute to see the baby birds being fed. Your water landscapes of Croatia have been captivating.

  7. I enjoyed the swallow photos, and the sunset....beautiful surroundings.


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