30 May 2014

Once more - the postcard

The postcard - with its frame -

I risk to bore you

I wanted to make a border with pulled stitches. I made them for the first time and saw that

it is not at all difficult. My next piece will have more - I am planning.....

It is looking like that - transfer paper on my "studio work horse" and a few colour ways

The green one will be my choice.

And now the surprise -



Our friendly neighbour came to bring us strawberries,

huges ones, the farmer in our village can't sell them, they are too large,

neverthelelss they taste well - I froze them for jam at a later time.

Now isn't that wonderful!




  1. Not bored! Lovely to see your beautiful work:-)

  2. No i am not bored either i could look at your work all day. I do like the border it just finishes the piece nicely. The strawberries are huge and look so tasty. They will make yummy jam.

  3. i love those pulled stitches. i must give that a try...and those strawberries. they look delicious. hard to believe he can't sell them.

  4. your postcard is a real beauty, the 4 sided stitch is a favourite of mine which I use a lot with hardanger work.Your next project looks interesting, can see you are throughly enjoying Sharon`s class Strawberries look delicious

  5. You learn so much in Sharon's classes, and become brave and try unknown stitches. Your pulled work frame is nice, a good way to enclose the picture. I am sure the next piece will be stunning, too.
    Talking of stunning, that is one huge strawberry!

  6. Lovely to see your finished postcard. It is so beautiful. Those strawberries are huge, and look rather nice and juicy.

  7. definitely not bored here, your work is just gorgeous. Isn't it terrible that the strawberries are too big to sell? I would buy them, what does it matter? They look delicious.

  8. The border lookes really nice, gives your card a beautiful frame. Looking forward to your colored piece, I haven´t got a clue yet what I will do.

  9. Great to see the postcard finished with frame Anneliese. Those strawberries are the size of apples! I look forward to your next piece with the shades of green.

  10. Your postcard with all the variety of stitches looks great and the border finishes it off very nicely. Looking forward to seeing all the stitches you will do on your next piece. Fresh. ripe, large strawberries - what a tasty and wonderful gift.

  11. beautiful composition, the pulled stitch border really sets it off well.

  12. Brilliant stiched card.
    The strawberries are giants!


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