6 Jun 2014

Vacation in Croatia

You would certainly say "This must be Croatia" - it is! Typical - a restaurant.

We are in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

The table cloth - quite typical



They make it here - band lace - it is in the same restaurant

This is called 'raznjici' - very typical - pieces of grilled meat on woodden sticks


I had to take this photo of a brickwall - rather worn out!


This is the center of Zagreb, capitcal of Croatia,

With the statue of Josip Ban Jelacic - (Margrave Josip Jelacic)


DH wanted to have a look at the shopping mall again - he grew up in this town
It is renovated - I think he did not recognize it anymore.

The cafés are very traditional

view of the cathedral - and restaurants in the middle of this small street.


I am always taken aback by the many cafés in the streets - hundreds

Hotel Dubrovnik - I liked the reflections.

This girl in a traditional costume sold little traditional heart - everything traditional ----
to attract tourists.
The journey went on... to Split in Dalmatia
Again cafés .... every space is fille with chairs and tables.
We took the ferry boat and arrived finally .....
.... on the island, Hvar, view of the harbour
The town with the islands, offshore
And on the terrace of one of the houses on the first photo...


..... I started my second postcard


and planned it somehow - yes, there will be eyes in the fantasy tree.
I can't promise that it will come out like on the design .....
once I have a needle in my hands - the design just develops it's own life.


I can see this from our terrace where I am stitching.

The clouds mean bad weather on the continent.

It is still too cold to swim.
























  1. wow...one week Germany, one week France, one week Croatia!! Croatia does look beautiful, i have never been but thank you for sharing these images.

  2. What lovely photos! Nothing is the same as we remember from our childhood... the home my grandfather built by hand is now an equipment storage yard. Glad you are finding time to stitch a bit.

  3. enjoy your time away. looks like a beautiful place to vacation.

  4. Thank you for sharing your holiday photographs. How nice that traditions are kept. I just love the table cloth.
    Looking forward to how your SSE post card will develop, a tree with eye, eh?!

  5. What a beautiful city. I love the way it has kept its traditional style. Food must play a big part in the peoples lives with so many cafes You are alway so happy ad relaxed at Hvar.
    Your new postcard design looks very interesting i will enjoy following its progress

  6. Croatia looks far more modern than I expected, what a beautiful city I chuckled to see chips are the same all over the world. Thankyou for sharing this with us Anneliese, Is the postcard to do with Sharons course

  7. Anneliese, Thank you for sharing these photos. I want to go paint all of the cities you've been in but especially the harbour at Hvar. I love boats.

    Your stitching is wonderful and I like the new concept.


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