4 Mar 2014

Walk and more spring

I love the reflection - I am standing on the bridge which is leading out of the village

Photo above: it is the bridge railing in front

hanging trees

and a little more spring

verly little more - we (of course DH) were cutting back the hazel nut

it robbed us the light in the living room -

it will grow again into a lovely low bush soon ---

and has again to be cut.....


new cuts for the lego quilt - more greens



  1. such beautiful images of where you live and the image of the cloth strips is beautiful! I want to run my fingers through them :)

  2. i've always had a thing for reflections...especially in water. lovely images. i've had to get rid of several bushes that grew to such heights that it hid everything. honeysuckle is like that and also the banksia roses. i do miss the flowers but it took too much maintenance.

  3. such a peaceful scene, lovely. Can see you have been busy cutting your strips no doubt they will be sewn together in a matter of moments

  4. yes, it seems that spring come. here, the flowers begin to blossom too.

  5. I agree with Margaret it is a peaceful scene with the reflections from your bridge.
    Those colours for the lego quilt are wonderful.

  6. Glad to see spring is coming to your part of the world. The reflections are beautiful. Nice photography Anneliese

  7. Gorgeous views, Anneliese, we are still in winter's grip with a foot or so of very icy snow over everything and huge piles along roadsides.menjoy the lovely weather and think of the frozen Canucks,

  8. Lovely photos. We are still under mounds of snow.


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