12 Mar 2014

Beaded butterfly chain

It is stitch 103 of SharonB's Pintangle Take a Stitch Tuesday
more here
the first row without beads
the second row in yellow Perle5 - I started to wrap the stitches
from the right side -
I used first one bead inbetween - then two to fill the space

I simply can't get sharp photos - a nuisance
And something else from the French house.....
What spiders work on.....in at least - let's estimate - 50 years
Scientists are trying to imitate spiders threads - they will maybe
need 50 years, too.


  1. oh no...cobwebs!!! I'm itching now, spiders? Yuck! Beautiful stitching :)

  2. I really like the yellow line of stitches - nice french cobwebs too!

  3. your latest tast stitching looks good. Wow that is some spiders web, hope you did not destroy it or maybe you had to I will let yo off if it is in the house.

  4. beautiful samples.