2 Mar 2014

A wilder version of the triangle buttonhole stitch, Tast 101

No, I did not stitch this one. It would be too wild.
I changed it by "ART SHAKER"

On the picture below: 

That's what I stitched on an unbleached piece of linen
I started in the middle and went round and round with 
a perle8 and a thicker cotton thread in variegated color
In the end I put the bead triangle in the gap of the center.

And this is a wonky layout of a future quilt
21 pieces up to now.
I can't do more than 3 pieces a day - it gets boring
I will need 35

so much for today - Sunday - fine weather -
walking or biking will be on our program


  1. Walking or biking sounds wonderful. We were hit with more snow.
    You are clever to have altered your work. I like the stitching you've done. Is it part of a bigger piece or are you just having fun playing?

  2. a wonderful interpretation of that wild, cyclonic like piece. your quilt is looking beautiful. i understand about 'it gets boring'. that's why i have so many projects going at once.

  3. Lovely stitch - and a wonderful colourful quilt!

  4. Wow! What a fun way to contort stitches! However, I love your 'straight' version - you really have proven how great this stitch can look. I love the way you have used the beads, too.
    How could that stunning piecwork be boring? Together the blocks look so vibrant, and you don't need Art Shaker to spice them up!

  5. I got so excited when I saw your creative examples of the buttonhole triangle. Love love love them.

    Your quilt is coming along nicely.

  6. art shaker looks like a programme I could play with. Love how it has done this to your pretty stitchery. I had paint shop pro on my old computer but it was not compatible with windows 7, how I miss it it did playful things too. The quilt blocks looking good you certainly have plenty of scraps or have you cut up your stash for these?

  7. Totally love the Lego quilt.

  8. Your triangle buttonhole stitches look very neat and the art shaker programme looks like it would be a lot of fun to play with.


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