2 Feb 2014

Winter - and something useful

While some regions in Europe are suffering from too much snow - Austria and Italy - our winter is like that

I am living in South-Germany.

Our nearly daily walk through the park in our town.

In the morning it was still overcast. But then long winter shadows

I am the one who makes useful things
We want to have warm feet..... when we are in the house
which himself is renovating.
So I cut up two skirts which became too tight for my granny waist -
I shrank 6 cm up to now and all gathers in the waist.
This must be the explanation, haha, or is it the chocolate? The vine?
The butter brezels?

They are already sewn together and I chose

the backing - from my overflowing stash.


under the machine - with batting and backing
and the memory wall on the background showing
our lovely daughter then about 6 years. And top left side himself
and me carrying her newborn -- 9 years ago and we 9 years younger.
Oh, I made you curious - so here is a better closer photo
Also on the wall is this --- a cow with 7 legs of grandson2 then about 6 or so.
I made a little quilt out of it and it is living in Geneva.
But back to the rug against cold feet in the morning.

It is quilted alongside the seams.
The one who makes useful things wishes you a good week.



  1. I love your rug Anneliese and I adore the picture drawn by your grandson....I hope you are using the new word you learnt.....wuss...ha!!

  2. You have some precious memories there and now, warm feet to enjoy them with!

  3. i so enjoyed your post and seeing family pictures and all the wonderful and useful things you make...just lovely.

  4. god to read about your family etc Anneliese, the rug will keep the feet warm, I have a big dog slipper that both feet with shoes on fits into and is warm and cosy. Snap we have the same bernina machine!

  5. Oh how I love that cow with seven legs. At least he got the number of teats right!! Love the quiltlet you made too. The rug is a great idea and useful as you say. Most of us seem to get that granny waist and each time I look in the mirror the figure of my paternal grandma is looking back at me :-)

  6. I love the drawing of the cow that your grandson did, and the quilt you have done inspired by that, very unique.

  7. Love your rug, the colours tone in very well from your shrunken skirts. (tee hee). Like me your feet need to always be warm in winter.
    Your memory wall is wonderful, and you made a very cute family treasure of the drawing with the little quilt.


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