7 Feb 2014

Three Tast stitches

Shell chain stitch - Tast stitch nr. 97 - the 4th row from bottom

and beaded shell chain stitch - Tast stitch no. 98 - 3rd row from the bottom

By the way Tast stands for "Take a Stitch Tuesday" and is emitted by SharonB in her blog

Pintangle.com ---- More here. You can find every stitch one can think of and explained

how it is done through photos.

The last two rows are stitched in Eastern stitch with no. 99

I added two beads on the right tow stitches

This is the backside of the Eastern stitch in space dyed

cotton a broder, two threads - because it is very fine.

I think it is beautiful.



  1. more good stitching, I think I am going to use the beaded chain on my crazy blocks

  2. I think it is beautiful too! I love the beaded stitches.

  3. You have made those Shell stitches so attractive, with good spacing between. I now find that mine are too compact.
    The Eastern stitch is really nice both front and back!

  4. The beaded chain is beautiful - must have a go at that. Good work for staying on the TAST


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