7 Jan 2014

A play cloth

Years ago we have been in Tunesia for a winter holiday. And also there browsing a "flea market" like we do everywhere. Don't ask me where in Tunesia it was because I can't remember the place.

A jacket caught my eye because it was sewn together of wonderful old Javanese pieces of printed cotton. It reminded me of a journey to Bali and Java several years ago.

some patches already embellished are looking like that...


...and so

I took it.....it was cheap. I thought to wear it in the French Vosges. But it showed that it was not warm enough though it was padded thickly. I never took a photo.

So a year ago or so I decided to part from it, but I still liked the patches. I cut them out and stuck them on a matching background (I used wonder-under, which normally is fantastic to work with) and started to embroider them, but .......

It was hard to stitch through the layers and this is the reason I burried it very deep under similar stuff. Ufos.

It was not comfortable to work on this project. I very gladly forgot about it.

But it happened that I remembered the existence of something unfinished and....

Machine stitched parts

"talking" with Deanna resulted in machine quilting over the hard patches - however a few French knots here and there were manageable and seed stitching. Thanks to Deanna who caused the kick-off.

added hand embroidery

So now I will call this my Play Cloth (until I find a better name) and stitch on it whenever I feel like it.

I am also knitting - a few rows in the evening - not too much, they say it makes you nervous - a fact that keeps you from sleeping - but I suppose also other things keep me from sleeping .........


100 g of wool went into the back by now

The colour is not real but it is nicer to see - picture taken on the east side of our house when the sun was shining on the other side - in the west.

This is more like the real colour.

That's it for today.



  1. i'm loving the stitching on your patches. the embroidery connects them together beautifully. and i find knitting very meditative and calming. love the pattern and the colors.

  2. Machine embroidery and machine quilting is the answer when there is a piece of fabric that is too difficult to stitch by hand.
    Why would knitting make you nervous?

  3. Great idea! I love the colors.

  4. good top see that you have persevered with this fabric, the embellishments are working so well. Just shows how the colours photo differently with and without the sun,

  5. Much too lovely to have hidden away with your UFOs, and machine working over the difficult parts is the right idea. It is a be beautiful play cloth. Lovely knitting too.

  6. your play cloth should be called magic cloth because you will be performing your magic on it. Wonderful that you have uncovered it and can now play with it.

  7. I can see why you saved the patches. They look very nice and what a good idea to use them as a play cloth for stitching on.

  8. I like the idea of "Play Cloth", something amazing could come out of that :-)


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