12 Dec 2013


Now, whats that - I am working with paper - I am going astray -
what will be with my high stashes of fabric - yes, they will mutate into vintage fabrics
when a great-grand-daughter should be interested in the contents
of her mother's granny's cupboards

This is the start - I did not invent it - I wish I had.
No, it is from the blog of Ann Wood. It is so appealing to me that
I absolutely had to try it.

The light cardbord is joined with Tesafilm
and then I stuck a napkin to the outside. The s-shape will be the handle.
The white cup is in preparation. I am not satisfied with the outcome
it has bubbles.

Better you read the tutorial by Ann Wood:

And my finished cup will follow soon.


  1. ah and now i see the question. my cup sits on a shelf hidden from view...no place for it right now. i do want to make some more. so glad you did.


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