5 Nov 2013

Same stitches - better light

There might be no difference in the stitches - but I think there are .... those silly little knots just want to stand in their own way. If you came to my blog before you will notice that I prefer irregularities ... Here I have them
Anyway the exposure is different -

I did as Deanna of - http://eclectic-meanderings.blogspot.de - told me. A LED light to expose the object.

If you go to her blog you will see beautiful and interesting embroidery and stitching.


What I like is - you won't believe it - MENDING

Can you see the hole in my blue scarf - eaten by moths because I did not wear it for a long time which means about 3 years or so. The colour is ok - it really is blue - like this.

Moths are awful - they like wool - I do, too.

The curvy embroidery is on a bag owned by König Ludwig II (1845 - 1886, you know Neuschwanstein, he had it constructed but never lived in there).

Here it is a newspaper snip in my studio journal.


so I use the hole as a center for this buttonhole wheel

it even morphed into a buttonhole cup - it is 2 cm wide

Also French knots wanted to be there


And this is the backside of the same hole


Another version - some flowers are now on my scarf

I will wear it on the bike.



  1. What a great way to embellish a moth eaten scarf!

  2. what a great way to deal with those pesky moth holes, there seemed to be far more around this year. I love the flower you have added,. Also you tast stitches look good, like the twist to the one on the bottom row.


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