3 Nov 2013

Buttonhole Picots

The new Tast stitch is coming in two versions
Buttonhole with bullion knot picots (87) and
Buttonhole with chain stitch picots (88)

There is hardly any difference between those two versions.
The botton row is made with the chain stitch picots - two tiny chain stitches are attached at the "foot" of the stitch.
The middle row is showing the bullion knots version - the distances between the buttonhole stitches are rather narrow so it can't be seen very clearly. I made three stitches with a thicker yarn - just for fun and because my grey thread was at the end.

Looking at it after one day now- ---
No, no ladies. This is no good. I have to do it over again.
Dear Shirley left already a comment - I will ask her to look at  my new approaches again.
Also the light is horrible - what can I do in our dark autumn days und artificial light.


  1. I found the same thing about the versions, but they are both effective.

  2. These stitches are actually supposed to be on an edge and that may make it easier to stitch - I mean you can grab the fabric in better way and then keep the Bullion steady, as well as see where to stitch the Chain stitches.
    Looking forward to seeing your second try.
    Bad light? Well, it is November and day light is a scarce thing!

  3. i need to get back to doing my Tast stitches. i had started but didn't keep up with it. i use a small OTT LED lite to take pics in bad lighting. it works well. i just hold the lite in my left hand over the item to be photographed. here's a link. maybe you can find something similar. http://www.amazon.com/OttLite-490G59-Mini-Flip-Black/dp/B003YMLLBS/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1383576862&sr=8-6&keywords=ott+light+LED

  4. have had a little play and like you thought they were very similar, I only used a fine thread and this was a mistake as I could hardly see the picots etc

  5. you are too hard on yourself Anneliese, I would be more than happy if mine had turned out like yours. Thought I had added a comment earlier but it has disappeared, probably pressed the wrong button. I discovered that the stitches work better with a thick thread


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