14 Sep 2013

The beehive needlebook

First of all thank you, Mary Corbet, for this very good and precise instructions

in your e-book http://www.needlenthread.com/

I created the first Little Thing - the beehive needle-book

This is the frontpage

And above the backpage


The inside - only for short needles


You see how small it is - really little


The close-up



  1. You did a great job. It's so cute but perhaps a bit too small?

  2. It looks very nice. Love it.

  3. I fell in love with this pattern when Mary Corbet was working on it on Needle 'n Thread. It is nice to see that someone has made one; and yours is so neat and perfectly charming. Wasn't it difficult to work on such a small scale?

  4. a very pretty needle case, you are so creative

  5. oh I have seen this lovely thing on Mary Corbett blog. you made it perfectely !

  6. So very cute and beautifully stitched too. It would be perfect for those little quilting 'between' needles that always seem to get lost in amongst all their big brothers.

  7. So beautifully stitched especially the beehive. A very cute and lovely needlecase :)

  8. It is a very pretty and cute little needlecase. The beehive pattern is beautiful.


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