20 Sep 2013

Korak - a slow method

Korak - I am sewing by hand -
flying geese - but I will slowly change to other shapes - I hope
I made already quite a few till I realized that some are larger than others - and here the problems start.
I will have to cut the background exactly. I don't like warped and bent lines - and lines are appearing, if I want or not. At what are you looking first? Always at those crooked strips and not at the outstanding, beautiful, scrappy, colourful and handstitched rags - So, Anneliese, take the ruler and rotary cutter and make patchwork as you always did!

Ich nähe das von Hand und habe schon einige "Läppchen" fertig. Manche grösser als andere. Jetzt fängt das Problem an. Ich werde den Hintergrund einheitlich gross schneiden müssen, denn es würden krumme Linien entstehen, die zuerst ins Auge fallen anstatt die Aufmerksamkeit zu ziehen auf die
"aussergewöhnlich schönen, zusammengestückelten, farbenfrohen und handgenähten Läppchen" (Bitte nicht ernst nehmen).
Also, Anneliese, nimm Lineal und Schneideroller und mach' Patchwork wie immer


  1. Annelise these are bright and beautiful and would make wonder backdrops for your tast stitching.

  2. Es sieht wundervoll aus, die Farben - so vielfältig sie sind- passen irgendwie doch gut zusammen. Ist doch ernstzunehmen deine Einschätzung.

  3. These look lovely and I can't wait to see what they are going to turn into.

  4. Of course we look at lines, corners and joints, but the FIRST impression is the colours and the combination of fabric. Wonky lines and offset joints are charming in many quilts, so don't worry about perfectionism. Leave that for the Quilt Police!
    I'm intrigued and wonder what you will make your Flying Geese do.

  5. these are turning out beautifully, don`t you find although much slower hand stitching is so much more relaxing to do than machining, at least I find that it is so

  6. They are so colourful and beautiful.

  7. Embrace the imperfection!!! Wonky is fashionable and I agree with Margaret about hand stitching being so relaxing. The colours are wonderful.


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