8 Sep 2013

Not so serious - still the bag

Watch out:

roots grew .....

or would have grown if I had not prevented it in time.

And now hanging in the cherry tree

I started......

to make a little thing

Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread — Lavender Honey & Other Little Things

The future bee hive



  1. das ist eine wunderschöne Tasche geworden! Gefäält mir sehr, Anneliese!

  2. Lovely bag Anneliese! Wy is it hanging in the tree? It looks lovely but it would be so nice over your shoulder!

  3. Why don't you cut off those roots!!! Are you training your bag to catch the cherries for you? Smart harvesting tool!
    MC's beehive is so sweet and I am looking forward to your version. It's quite small, isn't it?

  4. beautiful bag. i love the shape.

  5. Ha ha ha, it did grow roots after all!! Of course you may now reward yourself with starting another project :-) Enjoy it.

  6. I so love this bag, the bee hive looks good, wonder what you are planning to do with it

  7. I love the bag, Anneliese!


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