20 Sep 2013

Meeting friends

We met at Theresia's

Everybody is creating something. My Korak-piece on the right.
Theresia let us have a peek into her treasures


She made this beautiful fabric plate. What an inspiration for me!
Moreover, I saw fantastic baskets made by Waltraud and Angelika
which I did not take pictures of. Unpardonable!


and also this table mat



In Russia she saw these dolls and copied them and offered one

to each of us. Not a single stitch - all wrapped by hand.


Patchworktreff bei Theresia, jeder macht was von Hand.

Wir sahen ihre Schätze und ich bewunderte all die fantastischen

Stoffkörbe und einen Untersetzer

Aus Russland brachte sie die Idee zu diesen Stoffpuppen mit und machte sie nach.

Sie beschenkte uns damit.



  1. Na, das sieht nach einem fröhlichen und inspirierenden Nachmittag aus.

  2. What a lot of fun and inspiration you must have shared. The clothes line plate and mat, are they made with Ami Simms method?
    Theresia's treasures, oh, what lovely lace... and those Russian dolls, made without one single stitch. How clever!
    I see you are making your Geese fly in rows!

  3. can see you all had a very enjoyable time at Teresa`a, the dolls are so cute

  4. It sounds like a lovely time at Theresias place, and such lovely things to admire. What fun little Russian dolls, so cleverly made without stitching.

  5. There is nothing more fun than stitching with friends (especially with a bottle of wine on the table:-) The Russian dolls are so cute (very well endowed too in the upper torso - ha ha ha. Amazing that they are done with no stitching. Very nice bowl and mat.

  6. i saw your korak back here first and seeing it again on your latest post is making me want to do some more of it. it's great to use up scraps.


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