1 Mar 2021

Scarf - Corona knitting

Knitting project - long scarf - 

The wool: Mille Colori Baby - by Lang Yarns
and it is really soft and warm - good for babies and grandmas

This wool makes the change of colors by itself

The zig-zag ist made like this: Cast on a number of stitches
which can be divided by 12 - plus two stitches. I had 96 stitches
plus 2 stitches on my needles.
First row: Start with 1 stitch - 
knit 5 stitches - knit 2 stitches together - knit 4 stitches - 
two stitches out of the next stitch - continue till the end - 
finish with 1 stitch.
Second row: knit all stitches,
All other rows: Repeat 1. and 2. rows


Go on knitting, till you reach about 1,80 m.
Don‘t give in before!
But take care not to make mistakes in counting.

For your help use stitch markers every 12 stitches -

Go on knitting while you are waiting after your Corona

Knit about 3 months - or less if you are a fast kitter.
I used a bit more than 250 g of the Mille Colori Baby Yarn
And I liked the idea to make fringes as a finish.

This is my left-over Yarn - I love left-overs - to touch it
and enjoy the feel.

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