31 Oct 2017

Good-bye farmhouse

Shutters closed, things packed during many days and transported
with the trailor to another house where they will wait till we 
get a new place nearer to our home in Germany.We drove
twelve times - (just for me to remember)

This is the farewell - last bundles of waste, my two bags. Below: A look into
the inside - the grange - with a quilt of nine hens

The rocking horse - DH-made

The hens - (ok, no good photo)

The view from one of the windows downhill

at times with neighbour‘s  pasturing cows

Treasure box of our barefoot-guys - when they -
the  grandchildren were a few years younger
containing two beautiful stones and a bottle with some cash and other
They dug it into the earth - but the following year they undug it again
to see if it was still there....

This is the family from whose descendants we bought the farmhouse 22 years ago.
We made the acquaintance of the two youngest ones. They visited us
and wrote their names into our guestbook.

The tree house constructed by DH of course, with the help of grandsons 

The farmhouse situated in the hills

With good eyes one could even make it out on the photo below - in 800 m altitude

We had a lovely time up there mostly with the family - very often
also with friends - in summer and in winter - and it was comfortable
due to the renovation skills of DH

We are happy that a very nice family will now be living in the house
named GHUERRAFOLLET on an old map in the books of the townhall. 


  1. We are always thankful for good memories,
    but I am a great believer in looking forward and making new ones :-)
    Good luck!

    1. So right, Radka. There will be more new „adventures“ to post in the future - we are on our waiting post.

  2. So many memories of a good time in this house. You can take them with you. And so good that the new owners will appreciate it.

    1. Danke, Doris, ein Jammer, dass ihr es nicht gesehen habt.

  3. It's a lovely old farmhouse. You have cared for it well. Those many precious memories will go where you go.

  4. wonderful memories to carry along with you.

  5. Oh, Anneliese!! Doesn't it break your heart to leave your lovely farmhouse?? I would be VERY sad if it were me. Your DH has done a spectacular job of the renovations as have YOU on the decor! Just beautiful! Happy Christmas to you and yours if I am not online again before that. Thanks SOOO much too for your kindness and support during my difficult time. XX