4 Nov 2016

Still stitching my story about Rapunzel. - Continuation 4

The prince is hiding behind a tree and sees the sorceress
climbing up to Rapunzel. The tower is very high - so the
whichlike woman is looking so small.
I helped to hide him with an insert - a tree painted on silk
several - oh many - years ago. I made it bloom a little 
and on the ground I stitched the French lilies which also
show on the cape of the young curious prince.

I used the stem of the tree for the cut to insert the square of the silk tree

Wind is blowing - silk ribbons knotted to the page

A Chinese enamelled horse is holding the pages back from closing

The reverse side of the insert - also painted silk. 
The colours are matching wonderfullly - as if painted just for the booklet
although I dabbled in silk painting long ago - in the 90ties.

(Here I want to emphasize again that the sweet drawings in the booklet 
are designed by Eleni Livanios - ) 


  1. I love the way you are embellishing this book - it's wonderful.

  2. You are certainly working hard to help illustrate this story. I love your embroidered lilies.

  3. this creative story book is coming along so well and can see it is giving you a lot of pleasure too

  4. this is such a fun book to embellish. I have enjoyed watching it come alive with stitch and cloth.

  5. Oh, I love this project! :-)

  6. just to let you know ypur latest post on 16th has not loaded up nothing there.