1 Nov 2016

Crop of pumpkins

This is a hedge of Thuja surrounding part of our garden
Behind it we keep our compost (it is ok - it doesn't smell)
Some of my self-raised pumpkin seedlings which I didn't want to waist
were planted into the old heap of compost and this is the result.
We went away knowing that it would grow over the hedge - 
But didn't care - and didn't suspect anything

And we had a crop of six pumpkins of a normal size hanging somewhere
from the hedge and this one on the photo below
which grew on top of the hedge and sank into it so it couldn't
be seen at all - 24 cm diameter and a lovely waist of 75 cm.

We will have soup until next year.
Big pumpkin and its little brother.

And I was prepared for Halloween:
But nobody came to call out "treat or trick"!


  1. Great pumpkins. We had soup on Halloween, but it was made from bought pumpkins.
    YOU should have gone trick-o-treating!

  2. wow....such pretty pumpkins. did you make the mask? love the colors.

  3. wow will throw some of my pumpkin seeds onto the soil and see what happens! Going to attempt your recipe today and see if the soup tastes tastier than the last lot

  4. WOW ! I have never grown or even tasted a Pumpkin ! Something to try next year I think. Marion x