11 Aug 2016

Holidays in the mountains in France

It is here where we are now - me mostly between the weeds
or inside the house chasing spiders and their webs - dusting - vacuuming

And this is my special joy to watch the hydrangeas
I am thankful for this bush - growing without much
care - it is covered with snow in winter .... but now it is in the sun warming up

Not so much about needlework - a little knitting.
The cardigan - which I am doing for the second time because of misfit -
internet is a catastrophy here - so I am sorry not to be able to read blogs.


  1. The hydrangeas are such a pretty colour: mine are white. Hmmm, dusting, vacuuming, and weeding are not my idea of a holiday. Hope you're enjoying.

  2. Have a nice holiday. The photos look beautiful.

  3. The hydrangeas are over in Japan but were very beautiful this year, just like yours are.
    Enjoy the lack of internet connection and just relax.

  4. Don't work too hard! :-)

  5. your French place looks idyllic!