15 Feb 2016

Not yet round -

It will morph into a larger coaster or rather a tablemat - it is now 7" - 18 cm.
I will focus now an the roundness or hexagon or octogon.

A few rolls are still missing - the glue gun works alright - but there is an abominable smell of it
- It might be poisonous on the long last - so I will go glueing into the basement with an open

It can stand alone - it seems to be very solid. 


  1. wondered what this was going to be watch it we do not want you getting high on glue fumes you might get addicted

  2. oh...what a good idea. doesn't have to be perfectly round. odd shapes are more interesting.

  3. Meine Güte, hast du eine Geduld ... und geschickte Finger! (Das kann ich so nicht in englisch ausdrücken :-) )

  4. Watch out with those fumes. Don't want to have to peel you off the ceiling........guess you'll need to seal the mat once it's done.

  5. Wow, I like this - a sculpture! :-)