28 Feb 2016

An update

I could finally make it round and I coated it with a water resistant coating -
Thank you Suztat for this hint
While DH is pottering about - hm - renovating the kitchen (see photo below) I am coiling.
I made two more which I like better because the colours are  bright. The ones above are 
made of very old patchwork fabrics with thousand million little flowers on them.
Only grannies are working with them now-a-days.... by the way - I am one, too, using
up material which was bought in the first enthusiastic patchwork times
Rummaging in my travel box which is always with me I found gauze and
suddenly remembered the lace making - as I learnt it with Karen Ruane - 
I might cut out the circles and "leaves" and use them on my actual stitch cloth.

where I intend to document many TAST stitches and others - just 
as they come into my mind. I found a site -----click

(http://www.embroidery.rocksea.org/stitch/palestrina/triple-palestrina-stitch/ ---- )
where the stitches are explained so very clearly - here the Palestrina stitch

I will show the result in the next post
It is all hand-sewn - first pressed over a square cardboard template and then joined
(as shown by Jude Hill)

The leave-shape in the light green square is my playground
for three types of Palestrina stitches (soon coming)
And finally the renovated walls of the kitchen - the floor is still waiting.
You see how bright it is now, with the lamps on we nearly need sun glasses - joking!

The state: IS and WAS 
The furniture will be delivered in April

I married the best crafts man in the world.


  1. you must be so excited to see the progress with the house!!

  2. you always show such wonderful projects. especially love that quilt with the colorful patches....and you certainly did marry a wonderful crafts man. my dad was just like that and i learned a lot from him. how lucky we are.

  3. bowls have worked so well pretty and practical too. A good idea to use the drawn work. The quilt looks amazing I like the idea of embroidering on the squares. What a transformation in the kitchen now all you have to do is wait for the furniture cupboards electrical goods etc

  4. .. and he has got the woman with the magic fingers.

  5. You and your husband have both been busy Anneliese! Well done to both of you on the progress, I love your coiled mats and bowls and quilt piece, and the house is coming along beautifully!

  6. I love your baskets/bowls :-) Kitchen is coming along too,